In 2007, Scientific Environmental launched its Residential High Rise Trash Chute Cleaning business.  At a price comparable to other less-effective trash chute servicers in the industry today, our program entails the comprehensive cleaning standards performed on exhaust duct to effectively deal with odor, vermin and filth build-up found in most residential trash chutes. 

In this service segment we have also introduced a “
Be Green” maintenance program.  Our trash chute cleaning service entails the following process:


1. Prior to the cleaning date, we provide building superintendent with leaflets and signage in as many as four languages to provide advance notice to tenants as to when the chute will not be accessible.
2.  Upon arrival the morning of the cleaning, we tape off the outer entrance  leading to the trash chute access doors on each floor and affix a trash bag to collect tenant garbage and affix signage for tenant on how to temporarily dispose of garbage.
3.  We create a water tight plastic channel at the base of the chute to collect the liquid and debris as it exits leading it toward drainage and/or collection bins.

Service Performance:

4. Utilizing a spin-jet washer, we blast the chute top-to-bottom with several runs of enzyme-based non-toxic cleaning solution and disinfectant.
5. We remove all trash chute doors on each floor and thoroughly clean trash chute vestibule on each floor and the exterior of the trash chute access doors
6. Utilizing brushes and scrapers with extension handles we hand clean all accessible chutes through all access points (top-to-bottom)
7. Clean and lubricate trash compactor components.

Service Follow Up:

8. Submit to client a Scientific Environmental “Affidavit of Cleanliness” and copies of before-and-after photographs for building management files.

Scientific can perform these services on an as-needed basis or we can structure a service maintenance program for property management organizations that are designed to create economies of scale across a broader portfolio of properties.
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