Scientific Environmental offers a specialized array of services directed toward assisting hospital facilities management in supporting patient care, hospital cleanliness and indoor air quality.

At Scientific Environmental, we are concerned with those issues that contribute to environmental quality improvement and offer solutions that maintain continuous survey readiness and standards compliance required by the joint Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). We offer support with emerging issues concerning environmental quality and changes in standards of the survey process.

Services Include:

Specialized HEPA Filtration Installation and Filter Programs designed especially for:

Isolation rooms
Operating rooms
Recovery rooms
Autopsy rooms
Bone Marrow and Transplant rooms
Radiology Departments
Negative Pressure Rooms

HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance:

Air Conditioning duct cleaning and sanitizing
Coils cleaned and replaced
Air handler cleaning and sanitizing
Perimeter induction units cleaned and sanitized
Diffusers and grills cleaned and sanitized
Ductwork repaired or replaced
Portable HEPA filter/fan units repaired and refurbished
Kitchen equipment cleaned
Kitchen walls and floors cleaned
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